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GASP: Release Notes

Current GASP Version: 5.2.1

New Features in v5.2.1

  • Added an option in the Database GUI to plot species data and reaction rates using the program Gnuplot. This requires the system runnign the GUI to support Gnuplot.
  • Global variables now support time varying data
  • Added a summary tab the physical model which shows the solution variables and equations being solved for.
  • Added automatic file output (sprayLgrInfo.dat) for the Lagrange spray model.
  • Added sub tabs to several database GUI properties for better grouping of data such as viscosity and thermal conductivity.
  • Added Ch and Cf to the user defined variables and the species rate of production to the output variables.
  • Added an additional option to column separators (commas without CSV format) for file output.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a Faces (Nodal) interpolation bug for interior node line output.
  • Fixed a bug for total force output if physical model is inviscid only.
  • Fixed a bug for Ensight output using nodal faces.
  • Fixed a bug for parallel output of node based, unstructured surface data.
  • Added checks to the viscous data upon GUI exit to ensure viscous flux settings are valid.
  • Fixed a bug with the Yee flux/WENO combination.
  • Added a check for non-equilibrium vibrational energy that prevents values from going negative.
  • Fixed a bug with the marching solver regarding the passing of the solution from non-marching zones before the solver starts.
  • Fixed a bug where the new parent physical model was not correctly saved to the input deck after deletion of the original parent physical model.
  • Fixed the rate controls for view manipulation to make all manipulations 1/2 as sensitive. Also fixed the spin control when moving from 3rd quadrant to 4th to prevent the spin direction from flipping.
  • Prevent species densities from going negative for mass energy balance boundary conditions.
  • The internal sequencing algorithm for unstructured was not very efficient for levels greater than 2. Changes were made to make it perform better.
  • Fixed a file open/close mismatch for the initial unstructured grid write.
  • For Euler Explicit, added negative value checking for species, as well as global limiting checks for pressure and temperature.
  • Fixed a bug with computing Chimera coefs from the solver using MPI.
  • Fixed a bug when converting chemistry models such that if a transport model in the first chemistry model is not supported in the second, that the models are cleanly reset.
  • Corrected the import/export of database files due to incomplete routines that handle Gupta data.
  • Added a check to the database GUI in case the Gibbs Free Energy was used but a species did not have Gordon/McBride data.
  • Changed the limit on species density used in the rate equations to now support a machine zero value. Previously the threshold allowed for non-zero rates regardless of specie values.
  • Added support to identify the charge of a specie. Species charge intended to improve the collision integral calculation.
  • Re-implemented the creation of Surface Reaction Folders within Thermochemistry Database GUI. (Neglected to port this behavior from V5.1)
  • Corrected the emissivity value displayed in the QSpec (database value was not being displayed correctly).
  • Material stress properties in the database can now store any of the 5 optional values in file (before only the first two were being saved).

Release Date: June 2015

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