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GASP: Release Notes

Current GASP Version: 5.1.2

New Features in v5.1.2

  • A new visualization filter, the ClipVolume, has been added to the solution visualization pipeline. This new filter allows volume data to be clipped by an implicit function. Currently the only implemented implicit function is the plane. The Clip Volume filter will allow the user to remove a portion of the visualization volume from a visualization pipeline.
  • Functionality has been added to the GUI to allow the user to orient their model coordinates to screen coordintates in any combination. The original Menu Commands, LookX, LookY, and LookZ have been replaced by a more complete list which allows the user to set the Screen X coordinate to any +/-X, +/-Y or +/-Z model axis and likewise the Screen Y coordinate.
  • The GASP user interface can now detect changes in the solution file, and automatically re-read/update the solution display within the solution visualization window. With this feature, the user may dynamically monitor the changes in a solution as it converges without having to re-start the GASP user interface. There is now a checkbox in the "Options" Menu which controls "Solution Update From File". Automated solution update from the GUI is now enabled by default. Note that older operating systems may not support this feature.
  • Support has been added for removing unstructured zones with ZBs.
  • The Unstructured CGNS 'import ZB' flag is now used and if not selected, will import the CGNS zones without the ZB's (zones will not be connected).
  • Added support for Ensight output of surfaces.
  • Added unstructured support for Ensight output.
  • Added y+,u+ output for surfaces. This algorithm computes the values of the first cell center off wall.
  • Added the ability to output the L2 norm of the solution change with each iteration. This feature is an option within the run group.
  • Added the ability to exclude the contribution of the turbulence equations from the global residual calculation.
  • Added DDES (Delayed DES) algorithm to the Spalart-Allmaras and SST turbulence models (DDES is used when selecting DES in the GUI).
  • Added support for RLM_LICENSE environment variable which may be used to set license file directory.
  • Added support for writing unstructured grids larger than ~90Million cells/zone.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected the fixed mass flow boundary condition so that the mass flow will exactly match the specified mass flow. The original numerical representation of the mass flow allowed for slight fluctuations in the mass flow about the prescribed value.
  • Fixed a bug which showed up if a Dual-time stepping case was first run without motion models and then restarted with a motion model. The bug had to do with logical links.
  • Fixed a number of bugs related to the parallel projection algorithm for the chimera zonal boundary algorithms.
  • Corrected wall distance for Chimera problems (only use walls next to discrete cells). Corrected a ZB issue with unstructured y+ output.
  • Corrected a bug with QTime if using pressure or temperature data only (using primitive variables was not affected).
  • Updates to the RLM license. GASP will do mutliple checks to reconnect with server if the connection is lost.
  • Changed the way the motion models are stored in the XML file. Static information in now stored in the main .gsp file, and dynamic information is stored in the grids/*.mot files. Also corrected the creation of a new time step after deleting the last time step in a file (when using motion models). This behavior resulted in incorrect motion model information being applied.
  • BC correction for Surface Reactions, energy balance (user heat flux was not being added). Added tooltips to Special BC Data to show which BCs are applied.
  • Bug fix for correction to catalysis BC's.
  • Fixed a bug in the forced outflow BC. Use of an uninitialized variable caused spurious NaN's when using this BC.
  • Moved the location of ArchiveSoln to after the output was done in order to have correct output files in the archive.
  • Fixed several bugs with chemistry operator splitting (DVODE).
  • Corrected a bug with performing unstructured output for multi-zone when not all zones were in memory (passing of gradient info).
  • Made sure a directory existed in an Output Node's file path before attempting to route output to a file.
  • Corrected a bug in the calculation of the total flux variables to be used in output. The viscous contritubution to the output flux was incorrectly added to the inviscid component.
  • Corrected reset issues for the plane property when changing unit systems.
  • Corrected a bug which caused the plane normal to be incorrectly rendered when the unit system was changed.
  • Corrected some tolerance checking for unstructured CGNS import.
  • Fixed a bug in the unstructured CGNS import. In some cases the surfaces were not placed in the correct BC folder.
  • Fixed the General Interpolation algorithm due to issues with multiple solutions.
  • Fixed an output bug related to species that were not in the solution.
  • The pointwise new dialog had an incomplete list of types. The primitive flow and intermittency options were not included.
  • Fixed a bug which caused a crash when cutting a zone folder used in a run group.
  • Corrected some erroneous behaviors with DimensionalQty's. This correction affects the creation of new entries which contain dimensional quantities when the Unit System is not set to Metric.
  • Fixed a bug in the Solution Visualization Mapper section. If the user was using any unit system other than metric to display a solution variable, then the "Based On" visualization node for auto-scale would be set to "USER_DEFINED" whenever the selected scalar changed.
  • Fixed a bug in the auto decomp algorithm where importing a new zone and then deleting an existing zone caused the auto decomp to fail.
  • Fixed a bug in the min/max output where performing output without any variables would cause a crash.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause a crash when deleting a visualization node that was a parent of a Contours Node.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash upon saving an input deck after time steps were deleted from a moving body solution.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the MSWindows GUI to crash after cutting a zone.
  • Fixed a bug which caused a GUI crash if a file dialog was opened from the home directory, displaying an error message about a duplicate shortcut.

A copy of the release notes can be found in the GASP installation directory:

Release Date: August 2012

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