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GASP: Release Notes

Notes for v5.0.1

Features Added

  • Unstructured changes
    • Re-write of grid import in order to reduce memory usage
    • Pt2Pt ZBs now sorted and placed in pt2pt folders
    • True boundary value output supported (flag in grid range)
    • Import grids are now check for face ordering consistency and corrected if needed.
    • Changed call to LoadFaceBounIndex in order to reduce memory for output/vtk
    • Added grid import option for VGrid
    • Added more variables to the unstructured output
  • Added x0,y0 loc for scalarBar, text, and logo widgets
  • Added a new dt limiting algorithm
  • Pop-up warning if user tries to cut zone nodes
  • Updated dialog box in dbasemgr to inform how to properly copy and paste a specie
  • Added useBCNames flag for cgnsGrid import. Note that GridPro does not set the name on a BC for cgns, so we must set the BC SurfGroupNode based upon unique bcType, not unique name. Added flag to dialog as well
  • Added special bc for setting bcVel=0 for fixed frame wall

Bug Fixes

  • In limiting Spalart-Allmaras for unstructured, a limiting value was not defined.
  • Pt2Pt surfaces drop into File Output corrected.
  • Rendering of unstructured surfaces in File Output corrected.
  • Ivac (wall accuracy) set to first order in solver for unstructured (since only 1 ghost cell is used)
  • Remove the reading of zipper nodes in Sequence (a legacy conversion from 4.3, which did not work correctly). This prevents a crash, when converting a 4.3 deck which contained zipper grids.
  • Read in 4.3 PlotNode's and then discard. This prevents an error of unrecognized node type, when 4.3 deck contains plots.
  • Integrated quantites would unset itself (logic error in code).
  • Correction to FV-UNS ASCII grid reader (applies to version 2.3 and 2.4)
  • Updated the check for changes with gauge pressure (checks against an old value since changing the unit system would pop up a warning before).
  • Changing to the Weiss-Smith flux from precondition Roe caused an error.
  • Fix made for ENO and axi-symmetric
  • Fixed bug in number of zones-per-proc decomp feature
  • Fixed bug to new bc list update
  • Zones without viscous walls were not computing the delta correction term in DES.
  • Fixed bc list updates for cases with more than 1 physMod type and for when you add surfaces to empty bc folder
  • Fixed transform grids dialog close x lock up issue
  • Exiting GUI bugs were fixed
  • Changed how Gordon/McBride curve fit range checking was done. Before the temperature was changed globally. This was changed to be local instead.
  • Added alpha parameter to surfaces display in GUI
  • Partial clean-up of line plotting. Restore functionality, and clean up presentation
  • Bug fixed for reading basic ASIColor (not ASIColorMKF)
  • Pointwise fix for solid physMods. Changing a zone over to solid physMod needed to have soln[SENSITIVITY] set to NULL
  • MPI_Comm_free issue with OpenMPI for multiple sweeps
  • Removed misc memory leaks for flow solver
  • Bug fix for ASINode. FindNextGlobalNodeIsA caused a crash when changing name of a speciesNode
  • Changed default movie file extension from mpg to avi
  • Remove error message about unimplemented PopFront. This only triggered in the database manager, and removed it to avoid customer confusion.
  • There are issues with reading in vGrid files in binary format due to big and little endian. Older g77 compilers do not have easy support for convert, so compile with _G77_ FFLAG
  • Added a dialog title for error handling in run definition
  • Dbasemgr bug fixes (throw not being handled properly)
  • Slash direction corrected for hostID file on windows platform
  • Selection of run defn in GUI updated with better logic
  • Make vector's scale to proper length upon initialization
  • Chimera fixes (mostly to override feature).
  • Changed the vector's to render solid vectors, using vtkVectorSource, instead of vtkGlyph2D
  • Changed updated dq for pressure. Before, only limited to 50% change toward zero. Now limited in both directions.
  • If an output node was empty but set to integrated quantities, it would crash.
  • Bug fix concerning output settings (output type) changing due to grid range related issue.
  • Unstructured bug fix for importing grids. Surface info not set fully which would cause problems if trying to decomp and use vtk in initial GUI session.
  • Corrected an update issue with the number of partitions reported in the decomposition tab
  • Updated entropy output to use local gamma value and not freestream
  • Bug fix for qSpec xml output. The local value was not being written to file for some values (rho, tvib). Bug only when input deck not metric.
  • F1 output bug fixed (it was not being computed). DES/SST output bug fix as well (order of metrics corrected)
  • Fixed error in cutting certain nodes due to gridRange tied in two different ways
  • Memory leak fixes and disable cut/copy/paste for vtkNodes
  • Fixed bugs in blanking when incrementing i,j,k values for vtkNodes
  • Updated keyFrame red coloring stuff. Small fix/change to new size decomp method. Small bug fix to hole cutting algorithm
  • Minor fixes to view so that zone and surface lists will update better and not flash
  • Fixed cut holes bug for new cutGroup numbering. New folders that are made into cut groups would not work until saved.
  • Updated the about box for new logos
  • Bug in saving USER_DEFINED flag for autoScaleNode scalar ranges
  • Potential division by zero fix for SST model. Memory bug fix for unstructured with SST model.
  • Bug fixes to cutHolesView for override cutting and to speed up selectL update
  • Split KeyFrame/Mergeable base classes to base class without KeyFrame/Merge, and a derived class which contains above. In this way we can remove the overhead of KeyFrame/Merge from data structures that don't require it. In particular, this merge is an attempt to reduce memory requirements. Also add SOLVER_ONLY directives to remove some signals and overhead therein from solver.
  • Bug fix for ReReadCellType (using v5 to re-read a v4.3 cell type in grid file would fail)
  • Fixed updates for variable list filters when gridRange type changes
  • Bug fix on save as with database gui
  • Corrected some loopholes in the CGNS unstructured reader (if bc info not given, it would fail before)
  • Prevent a crash after deleting a selected movie keyframe


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