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GASP: Release Notes

Notes for v5.0.2

Features Added

  • Implemented an automated time step-limiting algorithm to improve the robustness of time integration. This new algorithm monitors the magnitude of change in the solution at each time step, and locally reduces the time step in order to keep the change to a user specified amount.
  • Added preliminary support for monitoring binary file change within the GUI. Refresh graphics in GUI when solution file changes due to flow solver.
  • Support exporting both PNG and TIFF formats when outputting snapshots. If the suffix is .tif, or .tiff, then write a TIFF format, if it is .png, then write a PNG file.
  • Reformulated the venkat limiter for the unstructured flow solver to include local non-dimensionionalization of the limited variables in the normalizaton of the epsilon parameter used within the limiter. This change improves consistency in applying limiter when non-dimensionalized values are far from unity.
  • Always write the CFL and cycle number to the xml file. This change makes it easier to find these values in the .xml when making changes to file with a text editor.
  • Added support for using Metis 5
  • Improve diagnostic messages for binary file error handling. These messages will assist AeroSoft customer support in diagnosing I/O related errors.

Flow Solver Bug Fixes

  • Correction to Air/Carbon surface chemistry BC's (51,52). Ensured that mass flow at wall is zero.
  • Bug fixed for MPI output of Tecplot Bin file
  • Flow Solver - Structured
  • Bug fix for WENO implicit jacobians

Unstructured Bug Fixes

  • Added a second method for computing the viscous gradient at a face. This option is now in the GUI.
  • The correct viscous gradient is now used in output calculations
  • Improve robustness of global solution limiting procedures
  • Add routines to complete Menter's Transition model
  • Added an exponential decay term when using the global catastrophic limiting of Pmin (slows the update as q approaches Pmin)
  • Bug fix for FV-UNS soln file output.
  • Bug fix for tecplot zone unstructured connectivity data (file output)

GUI Bug Fixes

  • Newer linux distributions did not properly display some button text
  • Improve clarity of k-epsilon model names in the GUI
  • Improve clarity of unstructured gradient methods
  • Venkat limiter in unstructured section was incorrectly named Spekreijse Venkat.
  • Bug fix for unstructured CGNS import with only node data (building face data had a bug for multiple cell types)
  • Added a pop-up window when selecting Menter's transition model to inform the user that it is a 2-eqn model only for SST
  • Updated flux output names (there was an extra space in the varName which made the var unrecognized)
  • Bug fix in file output handle drop. Dropping a zone folder into an existing output node caused file corruption
  • Bug fix: Pointwise x,y,z data exported to file was off by 1/4.
  • Unstructured memory leaks fixed for pointwise
  • Improved Unstructured grid import for FV-UNS grids and added better warnings for the user


Current Version

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