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GASP: Release Notes

Notes for v5.0.3

Features Added

  • Added error checking which prevents running WENO in conjuction with Chimera because this combination is not currently supported.
  • Disabled the EnSight output binary option which is not currently supported.
  • The zone name as well as the zone number is printed when exporting Ensight geometry files.
  • Added GASP-CGNS import support for Pointwise 16.04R2 and later. This allows users to set the boundary conditions inside Pointwise and have them imported into GASP along with the grid.
  • Added support for CGNS face based unstructured zonal boundary info
  • Better error reporting for CGNS import
  • Added a check for the xml file version to prevent opening files created with newer versions of GASP.
  • Enabled GUI to read xml file without a grid file
  • Flow solver can now create the solution (.sln) file if it does not exist
  • Improved support for running MPI under MS-Windows
  • Added more robust checking for stopgasp/writegasp files. This allows checking multiple file names, such as stopgasp.txt
  • Reorder of turbulent output parameter in order to allow y+ and u+ to be non-zero at the wall. This allows users to more easily see minimum y+ values.
  • All images displayed within the GUI, such as equations, are now imported into the GUI at run-time. Image files have been relocated to $(AEROSOFT_HOME)/share/images/ which will require customers to download new support files.
  • For unstructured meshes, added additional error checking and corrections to zonal boundary building. Partition info is currently saved in the grid file. If the partition data changes, the user now has a choice to save and continue or not save changes.
  • Added new surface-reaction boundary condition which performs a species mass conservation balance between surface reactions, user prescribed wall blowing and species difusion.

Bug Fixes

  • Ablative efficiency for Carbon based wall reactions incorrectly used recombination efficiencies.
  • Fixed bug for making a Chimera ZB folder a BC folder type
  • Corrected how the Gordon/McBride curve fits are limited when temperature goes out of range. Values for Cv are now held at the min or max range and values for internal energy are computed at the min or max range and then corrected using dT*Cv.
  • Corrected error in reading wall distances from grid file. In some MPI cases the read would hang up.
  • Corrected an error generating variable names for output through EnSight.
  • Corrected an error for turbulent wall output in which the iturbw flag was not correctly set in some situations (multiple turb walls in a zone).
  • Corrected an error when there were multiple sweeps that use WENO with different orders of accuracy.
  • Corrected an error importing vGrid ASCII formatted grids.
  • Removed write of DisplayAxes to xml file since it may cause a crash on some systems
  • Corrected Hole Cutting Overrides and Chimera Overrides visualization. Grid Ranges did not display properly. Override nodes were not removed when parent zone nodes were deleted.
  • Fixed crash when deleting Visualizaton Folders within the GUI
  • Fixed a bug when closing dialogs with the "Close Window" window manager button which failed to end an event loop and caused parent window not to close when requested.
  • Corrected behavior when setting the colors for multiple-select within the color selection dialog
  • When recording snapshots, node selection visualization was embedded in the snapshot. Added logic to unselect entries before recording snapshot.
  • Fixed a crash in MS-Windows Windows when adding variables under the visualization section
  • Added better error handling for HostId generation on MS-Windows
  • The filter for auto-file detection within the solution import when using plot3d format was incorrect.


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