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GASP: Release Notes

Notes for v5.1.0

New Features

  • New file extension names
    -- input deck now uses *.gsp
    -- thermo-chemical database uses *.tcd
  • Added a wizard for creating new physical models
  • A physical model can now be a child (inherited) off another physical model. A child physical model must solve for the same number of equations as the parent model
  • Default thermo-chemical database name changed to thermochemdb.tcd (instead of db.xml)
  • GASP now uses the Reprise License Manager (RLM). This allows AeroSoft to manage all linux and windows based licenses from a single source
  • GASP now supports solution archiving
  • The sweep tab in the Run definition has been renamed to run group and the coupling tab has been renamed to Solver Info
  • Particle tracking is now a physical model (before it was part of the Navier-Stokes physical model)
  • The GASP51_HOME environment variable was added as an alternative to AEROSOFT_HOME. If set, GASP will use GASP51_HOME instead of AEROSOFT_HOME.

More details on the release notes can be found in the GASP installation directory:


Current Version

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