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GASP: Release Notes

Notes for v5.1.1

New Features

  • Added a flag to the Graphics Window/Renderer tab to allow either perspective view, or parallel projection
  • Added the concept that certain primary physical models cannot be shared by a single zone. This idea helps prevent creating two Navier Stokes solutions on a single zone, or creating a Navier Stokes and Solid Thermodymics solutionon a single zone. However the user can still create a Navier Stokes solution and a Particle Spray Lagrangian solution on a single zone.
  • Added tool tips and label changes to help make time-accurate Run parameters more clear to the user in the Run Definition.
  • In the archiving utility, output files which are created/modified during a run are now archived/restored along with the input deck.
  • Added forces and moments to the user defined (token) list for output.
  • Added the ability to sort the contents of a tree folder by the child names accessed from the right button popup menu under the Edit submenu.
  • Added the ability to change the column separator for tabular output and integrated output. Possible choices are now spaces, commas (CSV) and tabs. The previous behavior was identical to the current "spaces" option.

Bug Fixes

  • Integrated quantites sign was reversed for all Max faces
  • Corrected automatic initialization/selection of physical model when creating an output or visualization data node based upon a zonal boundary surface.
  • Corrected the behavior for deleting selected unstructured zones after import and having the zonal boundary data corrected. Once the grid is saved, the zonal boundary data cannot be changed at this time.
  • Bug fix for unstructured MPI output concerning wall distance and zonal boundary surfaces
  • Bug fix for using a pt-2-pt surface in soln visualization or file output. This would fail in previous versions.
  • Updated calls to vGrid fortran routines that will print out the file names more cleanly if an error occurs.
  • Bug fix to remove a memory leak for solid/solid boundaries
  • Added checks to file I/O to help prevent errors in the aux.gsp file from causing a crash.
  • Bug fix for resolving output variables if the number of species changed after output variables were created.
  • When a copied Physical Model is pasted as a new Physical Model it may either be a dependent child of the original Physical model, or an independent primary Physical Model.
  • Bug fix with the ADT wall distance search (in some cases it would fail to find the actual closest point)
  • Correction to the heat flux output variable names
  • Added a check in the GUI to ensure that pt-2-pt zonal boundary info is valid/consistent across sequences for structured grids.
  • Corrected a bug concerning face ordering for unstructured CGNS import files.
  • The command "gasp -s" will now correctly append .gsp or .xml to the input deck name if suffix is not supplied on the command line
  • Bug fix for exporting XYZ data in the pointwise data window for decomped surfaces
  • Bug fix for performing a generalized interpolation on an unstructured grid if the grid was not currently in memory.
  • Bug fix for pressing the "Cycle Time Levels" in an empty input deck (this would crash the GUI).
  • Bug fix when closing the input deck when there are two or more visualization windows in the current case.
  • Fix a long standing bug where the visualization renders incorrectly on a just created sequence.
  • VTKDataLinkNodes created from a structured surface node were locked to that surface. Now the user can modify the extents of a visualization node created from a surface.
  • Fix a bug associated with creating a new Sequences. A problem with initializing surfaces resulted in a crash if a user tried to decompose a coarse sequence immediately after creating it.
  • Bug fix for the --updateversion because it did not set the database version correctly.
  • The user defined Tvib value was only being written to the input file for multi-speci cases. This was corrected.
  • Fix a bug associated with deleting a physical model when that physical model is used by other components of the input deck.
  • Corrected the display of unstructured labels in grid and soln management tabs
  • Periodic BC had the QSpec grayed out in the BC table, which was not correct. QSpec is needed in order to associated special BC Data with the BC
  • Bug fix for Pointwise(TM) CGNS import. BCs were not being correctly imported
  • Bug fix for GUI output of unstructured face based values

More details on the release notes can be found in the GASP installation directory:


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